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5 Homeownershipagain

Mr. Boyd was great, his entire team made the home buying experience smooth. I took his advice for title and lender, and within 30 days from signing the contract I was moving in. I am currently using Boyd and his team again to purchase an investment home, his knowledge of the market is very impressive.

5 Kenny Gordon

Boyd was very instrumental in assisting my family and I in achieving our home sale and closing schedule goals! He negotiated masterfully on our behalf with the buyer as well as the bank. We highly recommend Boyd & EXIT Realty.

5 BollingSmith

We felt very fortunate to have an agent as expert and as a responsive as Boyd.

He helped us find a great home at a great price, and made sure everything worked out to a satisfactory conclusion.

He was responsive and ethical, and we would be happy to recommend his to anyone.

5 Red Bud Turn

Mr. Grainger responds very quickly when I contact him. He works very hard and seems like he works 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He took extremely good care of us with both selling our home and buying a new one. Very knowledgable about the local real estate market.

5 mr.cejones

I was lucky to come across someone with Boyd’s experience. He is available full time and readily available to answer any questions. He knows the process and exhibits it through demonstrating his local knowledge. Boyd used some great negotiation skills in order to make a competitive offer. Overall, I highly recommend Boyd for anyone looking.

5 Jeffg1072

We have worked with Boyd for over 1 year in preperation for a short sale and once the process began, all went as he explained and worked in the timeline he gave. If problems with the property occured, Boyd had the personel to handle everything keeping the process as painless as possable.

Boyd worked hard on our situation and made it happen. Hat’s off to Boyd for a job well done.

5 DGagliano

Boyd expertly guided me through the short sale process over the last seven months. He provided solid advice and guidance and made an experience we knew nothing about much easier to navigate. I would recommend him to anyone needing assistance in this area.

5 user098165

Boyd was a professional from day one! He’s a real estate expert and has great manners! He’s like a family member who never leaves you when the chips are down – he stays with you from beginning to end of process and helped allieviate a lot of pressure, real or imagined. I will work with him in 5 years when I purchase my next home! Excellent knowlege of market and trends, very responsive, all around excellence!


5 user9332785

I was pleased with the service I received from Boyd. He worked with us for over a year as we searched for the right first home for our family. Once we found it, he walked us through the process and assisted us in any way he could. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

5 ccasey6

We worked with Boyd for over a year to get our house sold. He stuck with us through it all and continually worked to reach a compromise that both sides were happy with. At times, he was hard to get a hold of; however, I knew he was always working diligently to sell our house. He certainly went above and beyond what was required of him during our closing to help finalize our settlement goals.

5 user4176428

Boyd will always be #1 in my book!!! Me & my husband accomplished a GREAT deal on a short sale in Charles Crossing for $180,000. We started w/ Boyd 8-9 months prior to actually closing on our property in Waldorf, MD. Boyd was very knowledgeable, patient, informative, & encouraging throughout our whole experience. I knew from the 1st day we met that he would be the guy to help us achieve our American dream 🙂 He came out to show us properties over & over again even though we may not have liked them. Boyd was always optimistic & even hilarious @ times. I am so glad we met & I would not have changed a thing.

5 user6671481

Boyd made us feel comfortable almost immediately. His vast knowledge of the market and expertise in real estate provided us with the push we needed to go further. Having come out of a prior horiffic home buying situation, we were very hesitant to move forward with trying to purchase another home. Boyd met our needs by meeting us after work hours to show us a potential house. That house became quickly unavailable and he jumped on finding us another property that met all of our needs. I know its not usual or the norm, but our contract was ratified within two months. We highly recommend Boyd Grainger!!

5 user9677093

Boyd Grainger is an excellent Real Estate Agent. He is knowledgeable, professional, responsive and honest. His office helped me find the perfect house in the area I requested under the maximum price I had in mind. As a first time homebuyer I found there was so much I didn’t know even though I had thoroughly researched the home buying process. He really looked out for me and proved he wasn’t in this just for the sale, but to help me and my family find the best home for us. I threw him a curve ball by deciding on a Short Sale home, but he knew the procedures, explained the Pros and Cons, and helped me through the process. I recommend him without reservation.

5 user2123209

The sale of my house was smooth; the appraisal, however, was a very big issue for us. Boyd’s knowledge with the details of our house and the comparables in our area was very impressive. He was thorough and took his time doing the research, We felt this made the sale of our home a huge success for us and it had everything to do with Boyd’s skill and knowledge in the real estate field.

5 user2306942

Working with Boyd was an extremely pleasant experience. Boyd was always the most patient and reliable realtor that we’d ever worked with. He took his time with us and treated us as if we were his only clients. Needless to say, we finally found the house of our dreams, thanks to Boyd. We’d recommend him to anyone out there looking for the “right” home and not just any home!

5 user24451554

Boyd was GREAT! Very paitent with us as we looked at many houses until we found the “right” one. Some days we would see 5-7 houses,some days just 1-2. Boyd always had the time for us.I would send Boyd a listing at nite and we would see it the next day! He was always upbeat and professional . My wife and I were looking for a house for 5 months before I contacted Boyd,and within 6 weeks we had our house! We believe if we had contacted Boyd earlier we would have found a house MUCH SOONER! My wife was very particular with what she wanted and Boyd was able to come through for us.

5 user795958930

Boyd was very professional and kept me informed of virtually every step in the process of selling my father’s home. I did not reside in the state where the home was being sold and he often went above and beyond to help me. He checked on the home for me and kept me updated on it’s condition along with the sales process.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor because of his quickness to respond, trustworthiness, professionalism, and he works fast!

5 user1197015

Boyd is an exellent agent; very knowledgeble and professional. He was very patient with us as my wife and I had long list of “must have” and he helped us find the “right” home at a very good price. We looked at many houses before we decided on a short sale and he explained the process may take some time. He stuck for us and made the purchase process easier. I would definitely recomend him to anyone.

5 ayanamarshall

Boyd came highly recommended after a bad experience with another agent. He was very knowledgeable and dedicated. He took us to view 8 homes in 1 day! That was an awesome experience especially since we made an offer on our current home that very next week! His experience in the construction industry helped us to avoid first-time home buyer pitfalls e.g. avoiding homes with potential foundation issues.

5 user0413012

I found Boyd on Zillow when my husband and I were looking for houses. I had a bad experience with an agent the first time I bought a house and was unsure of what to expect this time around. Boyd was extremely responsive and was able to show us houses on very short notice. He is very knowledgeable about the area we are looking in. It helped us feel confident in putting an an offer down on a home below the asking price. Boyd was able to send us paperwork via email with electronic signatures. This make the process unbelievably easy. The inspection was very thorough and Boyd negotiated the desired fixes to our satisfaction. He also referred us to a local lender which worked with the whole team and it went off without a hitch. Dont get me wrong, the lending process is no fun but it was bearable. I am proud to say we are the owner of a new beautiful home just shy of 30 days from offer to close. I will be recommending Boyd to all my friends and clients.

5 brian brunk

We found Boyd listed on Zillow as we were beginning our search for a new home. He was diligent, responsive, and seemed genuinely interested in helping us find the new home that was right for our growing family. This was our 2nd home purchase and compared to our first agent who did very little to earn the commission Boyd acted above and beyond the call of duty. I’m not a big fan of moving but Boyd helped to make the process painless and went out of his way to accommodate us during the offer, inspection, upgrade, and closing process.

I have no reservation whatsoever about recommending Boyd to colleagues, friends, and family who are in the market for a new home. In fact, we enjoyed working with Boyd so much that we’ve engaged him to help us rent out our 1st home. If you’re looking for a competent agent who understands the market, works in your families best interest, and actually helps you to navigate the buying process you’d be hard pressed to find a more dedicated, professional, and responsive real estate professional.

5 user5984716

Boyd Grainger is a seasoned, professional realtor, who is responsive, intellectually informed, patient and hard working. Boyd showed several single family houses to me over the last two years — of which I purchased two — and I forever sought his sound advice / assessment of the properties (both in the overall condition and future value upside). Boyd was honest and forthright. In short, I feel fortunate that this desire to close the deal did not overshadow his desire to be honest in his dialogue. I highly recommend utilizing the services of Boyd Grainger.

5 doc mask

It would be impossible to say anything besides positive things about Mr Boyd Grainger. Prior to selecting a realtor many had responded. Mr Boyd Grainger was the most professional of them all. He allowed me to make my inquiries without feeling obligated or pressured. He then provided me with a personal link of listings that fit my wants/needs. As I navigated the site I noticed options that were not available on a variety of advertised/popular sights. As we began to work together to find the area comfortable for me I noticed Mr Boyd was very knowledgeable in the process of VA Loans. He informed me of information I was able to request from my bank. My bank was so impressed with Mr Boyd Grainger’s expertise and negotiating skills. He was always available for questioning and kept in contact with my loan officer at all times. Even when I went to final settlement the lawyer complimented him in doing such a great job in negotiating my loan and other agreements. If you are using or thinking about using a VA Loan Mr Boyd Grainger is the one to call. He got me the best deal in less than no time!

5 ladytis7

This page isn’t big enough for me to express extreme gratitude for Boyd Grainger. From day one he was absolutely phenomenal even though we were not quite ready to be approved for financing. Instead of brushing us off as many agents will do; he connected me with Mike Bendebba who gave us a financial plan you would blow your mind. Boyd treated us like we were his only client even before we had the financing. When we got it, we were ready. He took away all our worries and handled everything with the best professionalism. I miss him now that it is over. He really became my best friend.

5 JarradWinman

We have worked with several agents over the past 10 years and Boyd is, by far, the best. He is very positive, energetic and diligent. We had a contract on our house within 30 days of listing. He has worked just as hard helping us find our next home. He will do what needs to be done even if his nice clothes get dirty. Ask him about the sink hole! His knowledge and expertise are a true asset to anyone who is trying to navigate the path to selling and/or buying a home. Thanks Boyd!

5 mark ogles

I am curently deployed to Afghanistan, and my wife handled most of the transaction. I did feel very confident that everything was handled in a professinal manner, and was never worried about the transaction.

5 nitabundy

We strongly recommend Boyd Grainger. He is very patient, friendly and know exactly what he is doing. You will be very very pleased with his skills! He is very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions that we had.

5 user53850264

Boyd Grainger is an excellent Real Estate Agent. He is knowledgeable, professional, responsive and honest. I would HIGHLY recommend using Boyd Grainger as a realtor! He did not only helped us find exactly what we wanted, but he helped us in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE to get that home! He was AMAZINGLY helpful, professional, resourceful, responsive, attentive and courteous to us throughout the whole home buying experience! We can never thank him enough for all he did for us!

5 wienerdog4410

Boyd was recommended to me by a co-worker and he helped me with a short sale on my house. Despite some very difficult obstacles along the way (mainly with the banks dragging their feet), Boyd was able to successfully sell my home. Thanks to his perseverance, I am now free of a crushing mortgage payment and a house that had dramatically lost value. I would not hesitate to use Boyd again in the future.


If you want a real estate agent that makes you feel like you are his only client, then Boyd is your man.

If you want someone who will burn the midnight oil and even take late calls in order to ensure you are informed of all of your options and possible strategies when buying, then Boyd is your man.

If you want a real estate agent that will be there for you every step of the way from showings, to staying and scrutinizing the work of the inspectors doing your inspection, and even giving your lender the little pokes and prods needed to speed things up, then Boyd is your man.

My wife and I cannot recommend Boyd enough!

5 sheltonbarnes

Boyd was a great agent. Within 30 days he helped me find a home and close the deal. Was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. I would definitely recommend Boyd for all your real estate needs.

5 user371612

He dropped everything he was doing just to show us houses when we first called him. He was attentive to our requests and needs. Walked us through the process of buying our house! Highly recommend!

5 Avi8torAce

Not enough starts here to truly portray how great Boyd it. You really have to meet him yourself to believe.

We bumped into a house where his name was listed. Mind you by this time my wife and I have been driving around for a few hours checking out the area and other houses we found online. We attempted calling other realtors that were listed outside the houses we stopped to look and Boyd was the winner; he answer his phone and it was late in the afternoon.

He came over right away to show us the house and then coordinated/worked his magic to arrange for us to see other houses we had in our list and wanted to go and look inside that same night. That night we picked a house and less than a month later we successfully closed on it a week earlier than originally scheduled thanks to Boyd’s magic. By the way, he managed to arrange the closing with less than half a business day remaining after I was given the clear to close notification.

It was fun to look at houses with him. He will give you his honest opinion about it, and he even kept our 3 year old one entertained while we walked around the house (even during closing).

I strongly recommend him and would use him to sell our how if we were to ever move. Thanks Boyd!!!

5 ka3zpa

Boyd is a great agent . He makes you feel like family. His knowledge is all some. He is always available to help or answer questions. If you need a agent he is the one to pick. We have already recommended him to everyone we know. Thank you Boyd for all your help.

5 donnas0330

Thrilled to meet and work with Boyd. By far the best agent I have dealt with. Very professional and knowledgable. My husband and I found the house we wanted and twenty days later all inspections were done and we were sitting at the settlement table. Can’t beat that. I can’t say enough about the respect I have for Boyd. I have already recommended him to friends and plan on using him to sell my house soon.

5 user3820416

Boyd is an outstanding realtor and individual. The interest and dedicated work he put forth to sell my house was unmatchable. The house sold and closed in 32 days after listed because of his efforts. I couldn’t be more happier! Thanks Boyd Grainger!

5 user03698250

Boyd did a phenomenal job as our realtor. It took us a while to find the right house but he stuck by us and worked diligently to find our perfect home. What impressed us most was his sincerity. We always felt he had our best interest in heart and was not all about just making a sale. We always trusted that he was giving us great advice. He is truly great at what he does and we would gladly recommend him to anyone who is trying to find their perfect home!

5 shanellmking44

Boyd is absolutely a five star realtor. After dealing with several realtors over the years I can confidently say his professionalism, kindness, knowledge, and attention to detail are impeccable. He is a true professional. He is also the reason that we were able to locate and purchase our current house. From day one he worked with my family to figure out our needs, and even more importantly, our wants. He outlined all of our choices (short sales, foreclosures …) the pros and cons of each choice and made recommendations according to our current situation. He pointed out things along the process that we completely missed, but would have been a big issue later on. While we were viewing homes we found a house, at the top of our price range, that we were willing to write a contract on immediately. He encouraged us to be thorough and view all of the houses on our list that day prior to actually entering a contract. He also called several contractors while we were viewing homes so we could price various changes we wanted to make to the properties. This allowed us to factor those costs into the price of the home. At the end of the day we ultimately purchased the very last house of the day. This house came with a lower price tag, more land, and a better commute. He could have encouraged us to get the more expensive house but he didn’t, he worked until we found the right home. He wanted us to get the house that was best for our family. In the end we found that house and we are absolutely thankful to him.

5 user96050741

Worked with Boyd on several properties, he listens to what you want and learns from showings. Would have purchased through him, but plans changed and am moving out of the area.

5 TheresaD99

We could not have asked for a better realtor to assist us on our journey for a new home. Boyd Grainger was very knowledgeable and very personable during our whole experience, he made us feel like family through the whole process. We just want to thank Boyd Grainger for all his help.

5 user33667005

Boyd was an excellent Realtor. He went above and beyond his duties. We emailed him an inquiry on a Thursday, and he had us out looking at homes by that Saturday. He was very knowledgeable about real estate, the area and the process. At no point did I feel pressured in any way; I genuinely felt that he had my best interest at heart. He was on call, whenever I needed him. He made my home purchase a memorable experience; it was smooth transition. As a added bonus, Boyd also offered a one-year warranty on all major appliances in our home. This definitely came in handy because about a week after buying my home, our AC system cranked out. We called the warranty company and they got back to us the very next day and came out and repaired it. This saved us a lot of money. Overall, I would definitely recommend Boyd for his services! He is awesome.

5 user1883063

Boyd knows more about houses than a good agent would. His history in development allows him to practically inspect houses on the spot. He works hard and fast for his clients, and gives great recommendations for other home buying related services. Not to mention he is fun to be around. My wife and I are glad we were blessed with such a great agent.

5 RATT20002003

If you are ever in need of a GREAT realtor contact Boyd Grainger. We wanted to find a home within 30 days and explained that to Boyd. He listened to the expectations we had for our new home, found listings that matched our desires, and set up appointments for us to see each and every home we chose (once I had him out all day, going from city to city; his attitude was absolutely wonderful; beyond his knowledge I was tired at one point and expressed to my fiancé that I wanted to resume another day, we pulled up and Boyd jumped out of his car so enthusiastically he change the whole atmosphere). He was there through every step of the way, making suggestions and even pointing out positives and negatives that we did not see on our own. The home buying process can be difficult but with the help of Mr Grainger it went so smoothly it was unexpected to us. Our close family and friends were astounded once we told them we were moving into the house so quickly. I would recommend Boyd to any one, to first time home buyers who are unfamiliar with the process, and everyone unfamiliar with the area. You will feel as if he takes your hand from the minute you contact him and does not let go until you are holding the keys to the home of your dreams instead!!!

5 kpe314

Boyd helped make our first time home buying experience stress-free and easy. He shared his experience effectively and gave us honest and thorough input/feedback throughout the entire process. I really appreciated his real world take on the entire situation, it was like having a friend helping us out and not some stranger in a suit telling us what to do.

5 gbm0321

Boyd has shown exceptional service as a realtor and now a new friend. We spent a year together walking into 142 homes, putting a contract down on 5, and finally closing with my first beautiful home with all the whistles and bells I wanted. He is amazing and such a hard worker. Thanks Boyd for all you have done for my family.

5 baker33193

Wow, where to start. My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Boyd. We moved here in April 2015 from Texas and he was so helpful and knowledgeable! We were motel hopping the first week we were in-state and he was able to find us our ideal home with awesome people to work with. We are so happy with our home and we’re forever grateful for the work Boyd put in for us. We could always call him too and he would either answer all our questions right then or he would get the answer and call us back. Very personable and an all around awesome guy to work with. Thanks so much Boyd!!

5 schley jerod22

Boyd, was very knowledgeable as well as personable. He went out of his way to ensure my families needs were met. He went to bat for us and ensured that our best interest was his main priority.

5 latriceakatricy

He is a wonderful realtor, he knows his job very well. I brought my first home with him and purchased my second home with him because he was that good at helping us and very down to earth.

5 codywright2000

Boyd is great! Incredibly engaging, knowledgeable, and patient with new buyers. Thanks to Boyd we passed on an over priced house (which still hasn’t sold) and ended up getting a steal of a house. Highly recommended.

5 user8357889

Boyd was extremely knowledgeable about the Southern Maryland market in all aspects. He was always prompt when returning texts or phone calls about any issue or question that we may have had. He went above and beyond what one would expect from an agent. I know of two instances where he came up with solutions to problems that might have caused closings to be postponed. He will definitely go the extra mile for his client. We strongly recommend him as an agent.

5 user613656

I couldn’t put enough kind words to describe our experience with Boyd. Fantastic local knowledge, very responsive and makes himself available, incredibly knowledgeable about updates and potential issues. Never pressured us into anything. Helped us find a great home. Thankful we found him through zillow.

5 zuser20150510175629359

Boyd was able to sell my house in a short time. I had found a house that I wanted to purchase but I had not sold my house yet. I did not think we would make the deadline but we were able to sell my house fast and I ended up doing a simultaneous close. There were bumps in the road but Boyd stuck with me till the end. Very happy with his services.

5 ibsento6

Boyd assisted greatly in the search for our current home. The knowledge he has of the local areas and his ability to make things happen on short notice are essential when trying to find the right place. Boyd is truly an asset in your housing search.

5 kimanimarshall2007

My experience with Mr. Boyd was very pleasant. Mr. Boyd was very helpful and reliable during my home search. During my home search I was pregnant and he was very patient. Any and every question I had he was able to answer and explain.

5 zuser20151211211037567

Boyd is your guy when looking for your new home! He is very knowledgeable, proactive and involved, but not too pushy & imvasive like most Realtors. He is ready & willing to work when you’re ready. Kudos Boyd, we’d definitely recommend him & use his service again.

5 zuser20150404111135618

Boyd is an experience agent who makes out time to follow you to anywhere a house of interest might be. He gives you professional advice and helps you identify what the best choice of house might be. It was great working with him

5 Morganne W Foster

Throughout the past several months, Boyd has been there every step of the way. He has always answered every call or email no matter what time of day or night it was. His professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. I never felt that he was just trying to sell me a house, but that he was a mentor to answer my questions and help me to make the best decision for me & my kids. Believing in him, I am the owner of my dream home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —Morganne

5 marlonandre

Very professional, extremely knowledgeable and a great demeanor for people like me that could not make up there mind. Boyd is an excellent person to work with and I would recommend him to family and friends.

5 zuser20150427041232047

Boyd is the best realtor we have ever worked with! He was so patient with us throughout the entire process. He was also very responsive to my many emails and texts and was always willing to accommodate our schedules during the home search, inspections, walk-through, etc… His enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious! We highly recommend him!

5 lavita francis

Boyd is definitely the person to call when selling your home. Our home had been a rental for many years before we decided to sell it. We lived in a neighboring state at the time and never got a chance to personally meet Boyd. However, he sold our home like a true professional. He ensured that we were informed of the entire process through emails and phone contact. Once the first contract fell through, he immediately was busy to put our home back on the market. Within two weeks we had another buyer and our home had a contract. He is polite, knowledgeable, and dedicated to ensure the process is accurate, enjoyable, and with the least amount of stress for all parties involved. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you are looking for a good real estate agent. Thank you Boyd for drive and dutifulness in getting our home sold!!

5 user72712755

Boyd is a wonderful and knowledgeable agent. He listens and acts as if you are family. My husband and I didn’t even know where we wanted to live but Boyd was patient and helped us find the perfect home in the perfect location. Even after closing, he always answered our constant questions and even came to our home to help with repairs. Boyd’s service goes above and beyond. Definitely will use him again in the future and would recommend him to anyone looking to make the dream of owning a reality.

5 chicosangel12

Boyd is energetic, very knowledgeable about properties and inspections and charismatic. What’s not to love. We had a great buying experience without any pressure. He will always come highly recommended by us.

5 T Fuller

Boyd is the best realtor that we ever had. He was very patient with us and has a wealth of knowledge in real estate. Boyd was always available whenever we needed him. There were times when we wanted to view a property in a moments notice and he made himself available. My husband and I are extremely grateful to have Boyd as our realtor and will definitely use him for any future purchases.

5 rachelle hawkins004

Boyd was great to work with! We were living in New Mexico and needed help to find a place to live from quite a distance. We flew out to see the houses before we bought the house. He had booked several houses in a very organized manner. He is very friendly, responsive, and truly knows a lot about buying a house. He attended the inspection for us as we were out of state, and truly lobbied for us to get everything we needed completed. He communicates via email, text, and telephone and responds promptly. He is friendly, professional, and has a great sense of humor as you look at homes. He will find what you need even if he doesn’t know the answer right away. You cant find them much better than Boyd! I highly recommend working with him!

5 wilsteiger

I want to point out that I did not simply put five stars above just to be nice… Boyd is an amazing person and agent. He works with you constantly and is extremely patient. I recently returned to the US after over twenty years overseas and I had zero knowledge on purchasing a home in the US. Boyd met with me myriad times to go over the entire process, answering my infinite questions and some repeated questions. He met me whenever/where ever and went WAY above the agent duties. One home I was interested in using a VA loan on required some repairs, Boyd’s knowledgeable quote guess was exactly what a contractor provided that bank. He points out concerns in the houses you look at and he thoroughly goes through the house while you’re there. After purchase, I was locked out of my house (yes I did that), and I was expecting a Verizon installer to arrive any moment. While I went to a friend’s house to pick up a spare key, because I was cautious enough to do that…Boyd rushed to my house and waited in case the installer arrived while I was gone. THAT IS A FRIEND more than an agent. I’ve never been in Maryland until recently moving here and I am quite impressed with Boyd and everyone he has introduced me to locally. I have already personally referred a friend to Boyd who is working with him now and I am 100% certain he will be just as satisfied.

5 joyceb0466

Working with Boyd Grainger on the sale of my property was a positive and pleasant experience. Boyd is very professional and has a great personality. He is very knowledgeable and responsive. No pressure tactics were used and sale was smooth.

5 Jeffheath13

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the house buying process. Was available when we needed him and went beyond our expectations. He walked us through two separate short sales (the first one fell through due to the sellers bank) and helped immensely when the second became a bidding war. I would highly recommend Boyd to any of my friends.

5 misstmc1674

Boyd is simply the greatest. He was always professional yet very personable. He demonstrated great knowledge of the home buying process. He answers all of my questions during the process and kept me informed during the negotiation process. I would highly recommend his services for anyone in the market for a new home!

5 stevie b 850

Boyd was awesome through the entire process. He was recommended to us by our friend who had also just moved to the area. He setup showings for us without much of any contact or idea what we were looking for. He also adjusted along the way based on feedback during the viewings and included properties we didn’t specifically request. We actually ended up purchasing one of his adds instead of one from our online research. With his knowledge of homes and the area, he was able to explain some things to us and answer any questions we had. Being first time buyers and coming from a decade in Japan, that really helped make this a stress free and comfortable evolution. I’m looking forward to settling for a while and bringing up my family in this home.

5 zuser20141110064602755

Boyd Grainger made the home buying so easy he was there all the way and he went above what I that a real estate professional did this was my first time buying alone Boyd took the lead and set up everything that needed to be done I will tell all my friends that are looking to buy to use Boyd he is a real professional

5 zuser20160802095157112

Boyd was very knowledgeable of the local market, as well as the plus and minuses when walking through a home. He was very responsive to all of my calls, emails and texts. Very helpful in walking through the steps and negotiating buying my first home. But most of all, he was truthful and honest during the entire process – something you do not always get from other real estate agents. I would definitely work with Boyd on another home purchase.

5 mary a quigley

As first time home sellers with an extremely tight timeline, we were looking for a realtor that understood our needs and could make us comfortable with the process. From the very first meeting, Boyd put us at ease. His extensive experience in the market was obvious through our conversation and questions he asked. He provided great tips for getting our house ready to sell and was always quick to respond for any question (and believe me there were plenty) that we had. He took the time to come to us and explain all of the documents, paperwork, and process involved so that there was zero guesswork. We went from listing to close in just over a month! Phenomenal realtor who provided phenomenal support.

5 dwilliams charity

Boyd was the pentultimate professional. He worked tirelessly to help me find my dream home. In fact, he was so keen on what I wanted and needed in a home there were times when he would be ready to leave a viewing within minutes of seeing, ‘this is not what you want’. He never tried to ‘talk me in to’ the virtues iof a home. Further, his knowledge of property and building conditions, I.e., structural, and mechanical indicators, kept me grounded and focused (I.e., sometimes the bells and whistles of a home can cause you to overlook what you shouldn’t). With Boyd, I was confident that I wouldn’t end up with the ‘short end of the stick’. He is a unique real estate professional, a person of integrity — in short, a rare commodity.. Anyone who works with him will know that it isn’t about his potential commission, its about finding the home that you’ve dreamed of.

5 user9251255

Boyd is the ultimate professional, with a diverse wealth of knowledge in his field, and we felt very grateful to have worked with Boyd in our recent home purchase. A truly exceptional Realtor, and I dare say… A rare find. He was patient, and listened to our needs, he was honest in pointing out potential mechanical or structural insufficiencies, and otherwise helping us problem solve. When our schedules were tight, he was gracious in adjusting his, so we could tour potential homes, which, with a limited inventory of available homes, is really important if you’re trying to put an offer on the table. He was responsive, even when I felt, some queries I had were ridiculous. The home we fell in love with was a short sale. Boyd made sure, that we knew what the process entailed. Not only that, but a skillful and diligent Realtor is what you need, to make sure that your contract comes to fruition and not just sit on someone’s desk on a pile somewhere. When we felt there may not be a closing, Boyd put a back up plan in place to reassure us “Let’s just see what else is out there on the market, just in case”. We had a few hiccups along the way, and some learning curves for myself and my husband, but Boyd understood that was the home we really wanted. Boyd stayed the course, even going to Lowe’s to make sure the little things were in place for final inspection. He went above and beyond, taking us from house hunting, to contract, to closing on this beautiful home.

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Boyd is by far the best realtor I worked with I had been through a couple realtors but they didn’t seem to be a right fit for me since I was a first time homebuyer, when I met Boyd he was very humble and great me and my fiancé both agreed he was the realtor for us . He showed us a couple house we wanted to look at which was maybe three houses and the last house was the one she was a diamond in the rough. Every question I had Boyd answered it he was there every step of the way! So I definitely recommend Boyd 100% thank you so much Boyd !

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Boyd was great and was super prompt and helpful from start to finish. We enjoyed his expertise and his friendship! We got a great deal on our house too.

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Boyd was very personable and down to earth. He made sure our needs were a priority from start to finish. He went above and beyond to make sure we got the house we wanted.

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